Works and documents


For a full guide to creating a work, see the Laws.Africa editors guide.

A work is an Act, a by-law, a regulation, and so on. In Indigo, a work doesn’t have any content – it’s just a description of the basic details of the act (or by-law, etc.). A work can be associated with many documents, each of which is an expression of the work.

An Indigo work is uniquely identified by its FRBR URI. Documents are linked to a work through a common FRBR URI.

Documents inherit a number of fields from a work, such as the FRBR URI, publication date, repeal status, etc. These details are managed at the work level, not at the document level.

You must create a work before you can import a new document.

Creating a work

To create a new work:

  1. Navigate to the country in which you wish to create the work.

  2. Click the Works tab.

  3. Click the New work button.

  4. Fill in the details of the work and click Create.

Importing a document

Indigo is mostly used to import existing documents in either PDF or Word format.

To import a new document:

  1. Navigate to the work you wish to import a document for.

  2. Click Manage points in time.

  3. At the appropriate date, click Import document.

  4. Choose the file to upload, adjust the settings, and click Go for it!

If there are no dates on the timeline, either configure a publication date for the work, or add a consolidation date.