17.3.1 (???)

  • NEW: Allow subclasses of BaseTermsFinder to use alternation in term_re.
  • BREAKING: use ISO-639-2T language codes rather than ISO-639-2B. This impacts documents in these language codes: tib cze wel ger gre baq per fre arm ice geo mao mac may bur dut rum slo alb chi. After this upgrade, you must run python upgrade_languages to convert documents with the old code to the new code.

17.0.0 (2022-03-07)

  • BREAKING: pipeline-based importer and parser.
  • BREAKING: Update to Django 3.2
  • CHANGE: use <br/> rather than <eol/> (slaw 12.0.0).

16.0.0 (2021-11-05)

  • FEATURE: Collapsible table of contents.
  • NEW: Multiple and partial commencements filter on Work filter form.
  • FIX: Commenceable provisions are loaded faster.

15.0.1 (2021-09-16)

  • FIX: update_commencements management command updated.

15.0.0 (2021-07-14)

  • FEATURE: New Content API Badge for controlling who can use the Content API.
  • FEATURE: Admins can now remove badges from the contributor detail page.
  • NEW: Commencements below the section level supported.


After updating to this version, you must run the update_commencements management command.

14.0.0 (2021-06-15)

  • FEATURE: Authorities and resolvers support priorities; highest priority for multiple matches wins.
  • BREAKING: Indigo now always requires authentication. Support for unauthenticated use is removed because it is too difficult and risky to support allowing both types of access.
  • FEATURE: Enforce view permissions for countries, tasks, workflows, works and documents.
  • BREAKING: Default badge permissions have changed. Run python award_badges.
  • FEATURE: Configure the badges assigned to new users through INDIGO_SOCIAL[‘new_user_badges’]
  • FEATURE: Support underlines with __
  • FIX: Export all extra properties on XLSX export.


After updating to this version, you must manually grant the Contributor badge to your users from each user’s profile view (from /contributors). The badge grants basic read-only permissions and will be automatically awarded to new users.

13.1.2 (2021-03-19)

  • FEATURE: Introduce ‘commencement note’, which can give extra context when the commencement date is unclear.

13.1.1 (2021-03-17)

  • SECURITY: Bump bootstrap-select to 1.13.18
  • FEATURE: New ‘blocked’ state for tasks introduced, with the option of listing one or more blocking tasks.
  • FIX: Start using indigo-akn v1.3.1, which allows us to adjust tables’ column widths again.
  • FIX: Helper to support reversing content API URLs.
  • NEW: Introduce Place Admin Permission Badge for editing place settings; move this permission out of ‘Super Reviewer’ badge.
  • NEW: Bulk creator now supports overriding the date of a commencement / amendment / repeal if it’s different from the commencement date of the affecting work.
  • NEW: All extra properties are now shown on bulk import.

13.1.0 (2021-01-27)

  • FEATURE: Filter tasks by type, country in all Task list views.
  • FEATURE: Export all works in a place into a maintainable spreadsheet.
  • FEATURE: Bulk creator now supports linking all active and passive, parent and child relationships.
  • FEATURE: The text given on the coverpage of a document when no publication document is linked can now be specified per place.
  • FIX: Taxonomies that include spaces and/or commas are now imported correctly.
  • FIX: Comment-based tasks now show their context even if the annotation doesn’t have a parent in the ToC.
  • NEW: Commenceable provisions on the coverpage of a document now only include provisions that exist(ed) on or before the date of the document.
  • NEW: Introduce Taxonomist Permission Badge for working with Taxonomies in the Admin section.
  • NEW: Show ‘Stub’ status in Preview on bulk import.

13.0.0 (2020-11-03)

  • BREAKING: Replace migrations with squashed migrations permanently


When updating to this version, you must change your Django migrations to declare dependencies on the latest squashed migrations provided by Indigo.

  • For indigo_api, this is 0001_squashed_0137
  • For indigo_app, this is 0001_squashed_0021

12.0.0 (2020-11-02)


This version squashed migrations, which cannot be undone.

You must upgrade to this version before upgrading to future versions.

  • BREAKING: replace Ace editor with Monaco editor, for improved syntax highlighting and text editing
  • BREAKING: the search API has been extracted into indigo-search-psql.

11.1.0 (2020-09-14)

  • FEATURE: Support for superscript and subscript in parser
  • FIX: keep /akn prefix for resolver
  • FIX: update component meta when parsing whole document
  • FIX: PDF default templates
  • FIX: docx import
  • Introduce import_from_html

11.0.0 (2020-08-14)


This version migrates data from Akoma Ntoso 2.0 to Akoma Ntoso 3.0. This cannot be undone.

You must upgrade to this version before upgrading to future versions.

Upgrade process

  1. Make a backup of your database before proceeding
  2. Install Indigo version 11.0.0.
  3. Apply outstanding migrations one at a time.

The indigo_api migrations 0130 to 0134 make significant changes to all current and historical documents. They may each take up to an hour to run.


  • BREAKING: migrate from Akoma Ntoso 2.0 to Akoma Ntoso 3.0
  • BREAKING: content API URLs with work components must use !, such as /za/act/1992/1/!main
  • BREAKING: v1 of the content API has been removed, as it is not AKN3 compliant.
  • BREAKING: static XSL filenames have changed: * act.xsl has moved to html_act.xsl * country-specific files such as act-za.xsl must be renamed to html_act-za.xsl * text.xsl has moved to text_act.xsl * country-specific files such as act_text-za.xsl must be renamed to text_act-za.xsl
  • BREAKING: work FRBR URIs now all start with /akn
  • FEATURE: add akn as a final candidate when looking for XSL and coverpage files
  • Vastly improved document differ/comparisons using xmldiff.

10.0.0 (5 June 2020)

Note: This is the last version to support Akoma Ntoso 2.0. You must upgrade to this version before upgrading to subsequent versions.

  • BREAKING: upgrade to Django 2.22
  • BREAKING: new badges with clearer names and permissions
  • FEATURE: SUBPART element
  • FEATURE: numbered title in API
  • FEATURE: user profile photos
  • FIX: many fixes for table editing
  • FIX: improved annotation anchoring
  • List of contributors for place and work

9.1.0 (13 March 2020)

  • Changes to act coverpage template to better support customisation
  • FIX: correctly count number of breadth-complete works for daily work metrics

9.0.0 (10 March 2020)

  • FEATURE: model multiple commencements and include commenced provision information in API
  • FIX: issue when locking a document for editing
  • Improved inline view of differences between points in time
  • Report JS exceptions to admins

8.0.0 (10 February 2020)

  • FEATURE: New place overview page
  • FEATURE: New page to show tasks assigned to a user
  • FEATURE: Filter works by completeness
  • Group sources in document ‘show source’ view
  • Include amendment publication documents in ‘show source’ view
  • Decrypt encrypted PDFs when importing only certain pages
  • Move from arrow to iso8601

7.0.0 (9 December 2019)

  • FEATURE: export work details as XLSX
  • FEATURE: resizable table columns (using CKEditor)
  • FEATURE: highlight text and make comments
  • Make it easier to override colophons
  • Rename output renderers to exporters, so as not to clash with DRF renderers

6.0.0 (18 November 2019)

  • FEATURE: choose which pages to import from PDFs
  • FEATURE: link to internal section references
  • FEATURE: advanced work filtering (publication, commencement, repeal, amendment etc.)
  • FEATURE: show offline warning when editing a document
  • FEATURE: site sidebar removed and replaced with tabs
  • FEATURE: show source attachments and work publication document side-by-side when editing a document
  • FEATURE: explicit support for commenced work with an unknown commencement date
  • New schedule syntax makes headings and subheadings clearer
  • Move document templates from templates/documents/ to templates/indigo_api/documents/

5.0.0 (21 October 2019)

  • FEATURE: count of comments on a document, and comment navigation
  • FEATURE: resolver for looking up documents in the local database
  • FEATURE: include images in PDFs and ePUBs
  • FEATURE: Support for arbitrary expression dates
  • Custom work properties for a place moved into settings

4.1.0 (3 October 2019)

  • FEATURE: Paste tables directly from Word when in edit mode.
  • FEATURE: Scaffolding for showing document issues.
  • FEATURE: Show document hierarchy in editor.
  • FEATURE: Support customisable importing of HTML files.
  • FEATURE: Customisable PDF footers
  • Clearer indication of repealed works.
  • indigo-web 3.6.1 - explicit styling for crossHeading elements
  • Badge icons are now stylable images
  • Javascript traditions inherit from the defaults better, and are simpler to manage.

4.0.0 (12 September 2019)

This release drops support for Python 2.x. Please upgrade to at least Python 3.6.

  • BREAKING: Drop support for Python 2.x
  • FEATURE: Calculate activity metrics for places
  • FEATURE: Importing bulk works from Google Sheets now allows you to choose a tab to import from
  • Preview when importing bulk works
  • Requests are atomic and run in transactions by default
  • Improved place listing view, including activity for the place
  • Localities page for a place

3.0 (5 July 2019)

This is the first major release of Indigo with over a year of active development. Upgrade to this version by installing updated dependencies and running migrations.

  • FEATURE: Support images in documents
  • FEATURE: Download as XML
  • FEATURE: Annotations/comments on documents
  • FEATURE: Download documents as ZIP archives
  • FEATURE: You can now highlight lines of text in the editor and transform them into a table, using the Edit > Insert Table menu item.
  • FEATURE: Edit menu with Find, Replace, Insert Table, Insert Image, etc.
  • FEATURE: Presence indicators for other users editing the same document.
  • FEATURE: Assignable tasks and workflows.
  • FEATURE: Social/oauth login supported.
  • FEATURE: Localisation support for different languages and legal traditions.
  • FEATURE: Badge-based permissions system
  • FEATURE: Email notifications
  • FEATURE: Improved diffs in document and work version histories
  • FEATURE: Batch creation of works from Google Sheets
  • FEATURE: Permissions-based API access
  • FEATURE: Attach publication documents to works
  • FEATURE: Measure work completeness
  • BREAKING: Templates for localised rendering have moved to templates/indigo_api/akn/
  • BREAKING: The LIME editor has been removed.
  • BREAKING: Content API for published documents is now a separate module and versioned under /v2/
  • BREAKING: Some models have moved from indigo_app to indigo_api, you may need to updated your references appropriately.

2.0 (6 April 2017)

  • Upgraded to Django 1.10
  • Upgraded a number of dependencies to support Django 1.10
  • FEATURE: significantly improved mechanism for maintaining amended versions of documents
  • FEATURE: you can now edit tables directly inline in a document
  • FEATURE: quickly edit a document section without having to open it via the TOC
  • FEATURE: support for newlines in tables
  • FEATURE: improved document page layout
  • FEATURE: pre-loaded set of publication names per country
  • Assent and commencement notices are no longer H3 elements, so PDFs don’t include them in their TOCs. #28
  • FIX: bug when saving an edited section
  • FIX: ensure TOC urls use expression dates
  • FIX: faster document saving

After upgrading to this version, you must run migrations:

python migrate

We also recommend updating the list of countries:

python update_countries_plus

1.1 (2016-12-19)

  • First tagged release