3.0 (?)

  • FEATURE: support images in documents
  • FEATURE: download as XML
  • FEATURE: annotations/comments on documents
  • FEATURE: download documents as ZIP archives
  • You can now highlight lines of text in the editor and transform them into a table, using the Edit > Insert Table menu item.
  • Edit menu with Find, Replace, Insert Table, Insert Image, etc.
  • Presence indicators for other users editing the same document
  • The LIME editor has been removed

2.0 (6 April 2017)

  • Upgraded to Django 1.10
  • Upgraded a number of dependencies to support Django 1.10
  • FEATURE: significantly improved mechanism for maintaining amended versions of documents
  • FEATURE: you can now edit tables directly inline in a document
  • FEATURE: quickly edit a document section without having to open it via the TOC
  • FEATURE: support for newlines in tables
  • FEATURE: improved document page layout
  • FEATURE: pre-loaded set of publication names per country
  • Assent and commencement notices are no longer H3 elements, so PDFs don’t include them in their TOCs. #28
  • FIX: bug when saving an edited section
  • FIX: ensure TOC urls use expression dates
  • FIX: faster document saving

After upgrading to this version, you must run migrations:

python migrate

We also recommend updating the list of countries:

python update_countries_plus

1.1 (2016-12-19)

  • First tagged release